(B.1972,Chennai ): 

Srinivas is by and large a self-taught. He started his career as an artist at a crafts museum and later as an art tutor at schools. During his prolonged stay at Chennai, Srinivas was actively imparting training to young and old in basic drawing and painting skills. His services proved prolific, and many of his students are now successful artists and designers. He has conducted numerous camps for amateurs and fine art students on the south Indian traditional art “Kalamkari “ using natural dyes, its drawing aspects, and its application to the contemporary art.  Miscellaneous helps to artisans by way of consultation; marketing support was provided from the available resources.

The centre is now relocated to the town of Rajahmundry since 2013. The “New Chroma Enterprises” is now fully devoted to the domain of contemporary Indian Art.

“New Chroma Enterprises” formed this online portfolio in an attempt to bring skilful artist direct to the art- lover without an aid of a commercial agency. The NCE would also like to cater this online facility to other like- minded friends in future.

Srinivas paints with watercolours on paper; his subjects are popular themes from Indian mythology, animals and still-lifes. He is the recipient of prestigious AIFACS’ Scholarship, New Delhi, 1997. His unique painting “Elephant” painted with potty cleaning brush was personally acquired by Padma Bhushan Dr Bindewsar Pathak for the permanent collection of Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi in 2012.

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Better is one’s own Dharma, though devoid of merit, than the Dharma of another well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own Dharma; to attempt the Dharma of another is fraught with danger..

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